Asahi Super Dry voted the #1 Best Selling and #1 Best Trending beer by the World’s Best Bars

The world’s best bars have scored their Best Selling and Best Trending (those that customers are increasingly asking for) beers, with four of Asahi’s portfolio of super premium brands being voted in the top 10 beers in Drinks International’s Brand Report 2021.

Asahi Super Dry secured the top spots in both categories while Peroni Nastro Azzurro scored #2 Best Selling beer and #5 Best Trending beer. The report notes that “Asahi Super Dry was the number one beer choice in 18% of the bars, while Peroni picked up 11%, ahead of some of the world’s biggest beer brands.”

Read the full report on pages 40/41 here.

Asahi Super Dry voted the #1 Best Selling and #1 Best Trending Beer by the World’s Best Bars

Peroni Nastro Azzurro scores #2 Best Selling  and #5 Best Trending Beer

Pilsner Urquell was voted as #5 Best Selling and #10 Best Trending Beer

Grolsch was voted the #10 Best Selling Beer

Drinks International’s monthly subscription of 12,500 Industry Key Opinion Leaders and 30,000 unique web users from around the globe gauges the buying habits of the best bars in the world by conducting an annual survey of owners, managers and bartenders. 

Each bar ranks their top 3 “Best Selling” and “Best Trending” brands in each category. The sample is made of 100 bars from 33 countries around the world. These 100 bars hand selected from list of winners and nominees of the biggest worldwide / regional bar awards such as Worlds 50 Best Bars & Tails of Cocktail Spirited Awards.

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