By the year 2030, our ambition is that all of our breweries will be carbon neutral, all the packaging we use recyclable and that all ingredients originate from sustainable sources. We will also continue to be the best in our class in water consumption, while fostering partnerships across our supply chains, as well as in the communities where we operate. Because we care and are fully aware of the impact we can have.


Green Electricity in our breweries by 2025

Climate change is an indisputable phenomenon and is affecting the lives of all of us. As the carbon in the atmosphere is the main source of that, we feel the need to reduce our carbon emissions, to become fully carbon neutral. This is our top priority, in order to create a positive legacy for future generations.

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2.75 litres of water per litre of beer brewed by 2030

Water is an absolutely crucial ingredient in brewing beer. Due to climate change, water scarcity is also becoming an issue in regions where this was never heard of before. Our aim is to make sure that we secure a plentiful amount of good quality water, both for our breweries and the communities we operate in.

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100% of ingredients sourced in a sustainable way

To brew our premium beers, we use only high-quality ingredients. These days, climate change is putting a strain on growers, and sustainability across the whole supply chain is becoming increasingly important.

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100% reusable or recyclable packaging

Packaging is essential for securing the highest quality of beer for consumers. We want to create a future in which we will sell our products in fully circular packaging and are proud of the journey we have taken thus far in this direction. 44% of the beer we brew is sold in reusable packaging, be it returnable bottles or on tap in pubs.

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Through our actions, we contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on the areas where we can make an impact, utilizing our scale, supply chains or partnerships.

Sustainability in our companies