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Our story

Established in 2016, we are the European and International business of the Asahi Group Holdings. We bring the best quality of beer to life with our people, partners and world-class beer brands around the globe. We focus on our range of premium brands, and while fully respecting the traditions, we also look into the future.

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Corporate Policies

We adhere to a strong set of principles of business conduct and ethics which set out that honesty, integrity and fairness are expected in all aspects of our business. All our suppliers are required to do the same by following the policies and code of conduct.

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Before the paths of Asahi in Japan and our breweries in Europe came together, each of them had a long history of its own. Rich history of Asahi can be traced back to 1889, while our oldest brewery was established in 1615 in the Netherlands.

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Creating a legacy we can be proud of

The gifts of nature are essential to brew great tasting beer, so we are committed to run our business in harmony with nature. Not only for us, but also for generations that come after us.

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Ingredients in our beers come from nature, whether it is water, hop, barley or any other crop. That’s why we care about the planet.

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We believe that difference accelerates innovation and enhance creativity. By 2030, we aim for an equal balance of executive women in leadership teams.

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Our brands