Asahi Europe & International’s (AEI) beloved Czech beer brand, Kozel, is extending a warm brewery village welcome to a whole new category of beer lovers with the launch of Kozel White. As a brand built on values of craftmanship, passion, quality and innovative spirit, Kozel is always on the lookout for fun and delicious new ways to experience the beer that people all over the world know and love. That’s exactly what Kozel White is here to do, offering consumers a surprisingly refreshing taste with fruity notes at a lower 3,5% ABV.

  • Building on the success since its launch in South Korea in Autumn 2022, Kozel White will initially launch in Finland, its first European market.

  • Kozel White delivers a refreshing, aromatic taste experience with a lower ABV that’s perfect on either a warm summer day and to accompany seafood, light cheeses as well as light Thai, Asian and Mexican cuisine.

What is Kozel White?
Kozel White is the latest fun, inventive easy-to-drink new lager from our Czech village brewery to enjoy alongside our two signature beers, Kozel Premium and Kozel Dark.

Kozel White is a surprisingly refreshing new beer with fruity notes, a creamy foam head, a bright cloudy colour and a pleasant, clean aftertaste – with a lower ABV of 3,5% to make it more easy-to-drink. According to AEI Chief Marketing Officer Grant McKenzie: “Pale lager beer is still popular the world over, but there is an increasing appetite for something new and particularly fruity and more sweetly flavorful. It must be refreshing and easy to drink with moderate ABV, tapping into one of the fast-growing beer consumer trend of moderate enjoyment nowadays”.

Grant McKenzie added “Kozel White exactly responds to these consumer trends. It is a distinctive and refreshing innovation in beer that has an immediately intriguing appearance and an equally engaging taste. An aromatic touch of orange peel fruit and a bright but cloudy appearance you might mistake for wheat beer but tasting unlocks the Kozel difference;  a pleasantly and refreshing clean finish.”

What does Kozel White taste like, and how is it best enjoyed?
Whether it’s a warm summer’s day by the sea or together with a delicious meal, Kozel White delivers refreshment with fruity notes, with a light and clean liquid, and therefore works well with similarly fresh dishes.

“Kozel white pairs well with shellfish, raw fish (ceviche and tartare), fried fish (whitebait and calamari), light cheeses (feta and goat), soups and salads as well as light Thai, Asian and Mexican cuisine with hints of citrus and herbs. For more traditional Czech pairings choose sweet desserts such as Medovnik (honey cake) and Rakvicka (cream-topped biscuit), fried trout or light Czech cheeses”. recommends Kamil Růžek, Senior Brewmaster.

Kozel White was launched in South Korea in Autumn 2022 and will initially launch in Europe in Finland, followed by further markets by 2024.

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