As time went by

Before the paths of Asahi in Japan and our breweries in Europe came together, each of them had a long history of its own.
How the time flew with Asahi and particular our European breweries that now belong to it?

  • 1615

    Grolsch Brewery founded by Willem Neerfeldt in Groenlo.

  • 1629

    The first reference to the brewery in Tychy, owned by the House of Promnoc, appears.
    hugger brothers brewery

  • 1718

    Timisoara Brewery established, at the initiative of the Austrian authorities ruled by Prince Eugene of Savoy.
    hugger brothers brewery

  • 1768

    Establishment of the Dojlidy brewery. A large brewing plant was erected in Dojlidy in 1768.
    hugger brothers brewery

  • 1842

    Birth of a legend. Beer in Pilsen used to be brewed alternately by individual burghers with brewing rights. The quality varied, so the burghers of Pilsen had the idea of setting up their own brewery to make good beer. On 5th October 1842 in the new Burghers’ Brewery the brewer Josef Groll brewed the first batch of the new Pilsner beer that soon conquered the world.
    hugger brothers brewery

  • 1845

    1845 is an important year for Fuller’s. It was then that the partnership papers of Fuller, Smith & Turner were officially signed, marking the start of something special for London's brewery scene.
    partnership papers of Fuller, Smith & Turner were officially signed

  • 1846

    Birra Peroni Company established by Francesco Peroni in the North of Italy.

  • 1854

    First batch of Kőbányai Ser produced in Budapest. The brewery, later tobecome the leading brewery in Hungary, still operates on the original premises.
    hugger brothers brewery

  • 1859

    Pilsner Bier trademark. As the popularity of Pilsen lager spread throughout Bohemia and the countries around, imitations started to appear. So, in 1859 the Burghers’ Brewery had registered “Pilsner Bier” as a trademark, although this is also used by other beers from Pilsen.

  • 1874

    Velké Popovice brewery founded. František Ringhoffer buys a brewery with a mill, fermenting cellar and malt kiln for his estate in Kamenice, and founds the Velké Popovice Brewery. The first 60hl batch of beer sees the light of day on 15th December. One year later the brewery is producing 18,000 hl, a figure which increases to 80,000 hectolitres of beer after extensive reconstruction work in 1902.
    hugger brothers brewery

  • 1878

    Beginning of the brewery located in Cluj-Napoca.

  • 1889

    Osaka Beer Brewing Company established by Komakichi Torii, with the goal of producing an authentic Japanese beer.

  • 1892

    Asahi Beer launched. "Asahi" (rising sun) was named with the pride of a beer from the land of the rising sun, symbolizing promise and growth as the morning sun rises.
    hugger brothers brewery

  • 1892

    Brewery in the Romanian city of Brasov established.

  • 1895

    Foundation of the Hugger Brothers Brewery in Poznań.
    hugger brothers brewery

  • 1897

    Theo de Groen introduces the half-liter Swingtop bottle, which has a porcelain cap, a rubber gasket and a metal clamp.

  • 1900

    Asahi Beer wins gold medal at 1900 Paris Expo and receives numerous awards in Japan and abroad.
    hugger brothers brewery

  • 1913

    The production of Pilsner lager passes the magical threshold of one million hectolitres. The Burghers’ Brewery becomes the largest brewery in Europe.
    hugger brothers brewery

  • 1949

    Asahi Breweries created through the breakup of Dai Nippon Breweries under Japanese post-war economic reforms for decentralization, as part of a push by the occupation government to encourage economic democratization.
    hugger brothers brewery

  • 1950s

    Fuller’s London Pride, one of Britain’s most iconic Beers was first brewed. London Pride took its name from the Latin for a flower, “Saxifraga × urbium”, that arose from the rubble in Blitz-hit areas of wartime London, and thrived against all odds becoming a symbol of hope. It has been brewed beside the River Thames ever since.
    Fuller’s London Pride label

  • 1956

    Asahi Cider was launched – alcoholic beverage made from the fermented juice of apples.
    hugger brothers brewery

  • 1967

    First batch of beer brewed in the Šariš brewery.
    hugger brothers brewery

  • 1971

    Japan’s first aluminum canned beer.
    hugger brothers brewery

  • 1986

    Corporate Identity launched and corporate mark redesigned.
    hugger brothers brewery

  • 1987

    Asahi Super Dry launched. Japan's first dry draft beer with a crisp and refreshing taste (not bitter or heavy). Revolutionizes the beer industry in Japan.
    hugger brothers brewery

  • 1992

    Cornish Orchards launched - Andy Atkinson arrived at Westnorth Manor Farm with his herd of dairy cattle in the spring of 1992. The farm is part of the Duchy of Cornwall Estate.
    Cornish Orchards launched - Andy Atkinso

  • 1993

    International expansion of South African Breweries into emerging markets begins with the purchase of majority control of Dreher Breweries, the largest brewer in Hungary.

  • 1994

    Dark Star Brewing Co launched in the cellar of a pub in Brighton.
    Dark Star Brewing Co logo

  • 1995

    South African Breweries join Polish market. Technological investment process and the implementation of modern enterprise management techniques begin.

    South African Breweries acquired their first brewery in Romania in Buzau.

  • 1997

    South Africal Breweries acquired the Šariš brewery.

  • 1997

    Asahi Super Dry launched in 12 European countries.
    hugger brothers brewery

  • 1998

    Asahi Beer reclaims top share of Japanese market after 45-year interval.

  • 1999

    Lech Browary Wielkopolski and Tyskie Browary Książęce merge and form together Kompania Piwowarska SA. One of the largest and most modern brewing companies in Poland is established.

  • 1999

    Meantime Brewing Co founded by Alastair Hook.
    Meantime Brewing Co founded by Alastair Hook.

  • 2001

    South African Breweries acquired Plzeňský Prazdroj.

  • 2003

    Asahi Food & Healthcare Co., Ltd. established.

  • 2005

    SABMiller`s operations in Romania united under Ursus Breweries.

  • 2008

    Asahi acquired the stock of a leading freeze-dried food company, Amano Jitsugyo Co., Ltd.
    hugger brothers brewery

  • 2011

    Changed to pure holding business structure under Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.

  • 2017

    Asahi acquired SABMiller’s beer businesses in Central Europe. Asahi Breweries Europe Group created.

    Our common
    journey begins…

  • 2022

    As we emerge from the global Covid-19 pandemic stronger than ever with a renewed focus on innovation, we share our new Asahi Europe & International purpose of Creating Meaningful Connections.

  • Asahi Europe & International launch Peroni 0.0%, our best ever tasting non-alcoholic beer delivering the same crisp and uplifting Italian taste experience, at 0.0% alcohol. The launch includes a global partnership with the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One™ Team featuring a new racing car with Peroni 0.0% branding.

  • Asahi Super Dry partnership with City Football Group commences and includes teams in Manchester City (UK), Melbourne (Australia), Yokohama F. Marinos (Japan), Sichuan Jiuniu (China).

  • 2023

    Asahi Super Dry, an icon of modern Japan promises to take rugby fans on a journey beyond the expected through our partnership of the Rugby World Cup 2023 in France.