The State
of the World

We are living in a decade which will have a very significant impact on determining our future. If there was ever a time to act, it is now. Things will not start moving on their own. As leaders in most of the markets we operate in, we believe we need to lead by example. We’ve shifted sustainability into the core of our strategy and plan to accelerate our efforts moving forward. Doing both big things and lots of smaller things.

Through our actions, we contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on areas where we can make an impact, utilizing our scale, supply chains or partnerships. What we are facing is bigger than us. We can do our part, but we also understand the need to engage with others to serve a greater good. Building on what beer has been doing for centuries – bringing people together through our purpose of Creating Meaningful Connections.


We are focused on the current decade and have set some ambitious goals for 2030. Our aim is to become carbon neutral within our breweries and work with partners to cut our carbon footprint across the whole supply chain by 30%. We plan to maintain and improve best-in-class water consumption in our breweries, use only packaging that is fully circular, and source ingredients in a sustainable way.

Our focus is also on the openness and diversity of our teams, to achieve an equal share of women in the leadership by 2030. With the goal to reach a 20% share of non-alcoholic products in our portfolio, we want to provide more choice to our consumers.


For more information, view our Legacy 2030 Brochure.