The wellbeing of our employees, as well as of the people enjoying our products, is something we pay great attention to. Because without them, we would never be able to thrive.

We believe that differences accelerate innovation and enhance creativity. We are building a culture to embrace it. To provide more choice for consumers, we will further innovate in the non-alcoholic segment, in order to achieve a 20% share of non-alcoholic products in our portfolio by 2030.


Equal share of female executives in leadership teams by 2030

We believe that differences accelerate innovation and enhance creativity. By 2030, we aim for an equal balance of executive women in leadership teams. This is our top priority, in order to create a positive legacy for future generations.

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20% share of non-alcoholic products in our portfolio by 2030

We want our products to be an enjoyable part of our consumers’ lives. This is fundamental to how we do business and why we choose to inspire our consumers to drink better. To support this vision, we will further innovate the non-alcoholic part of our portfolio to offer consumers more choice that suits different consumption patterns.

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Providing more choice for consumers

Meaningful consumer information to enable responsible choices continues to be a priority. We are proud that 100% of our labels and brand communication bear responsibility messages to address underage drinking, drinking while driving or drinking during pregnancy, in addition to listing calories and ingredients.

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Through our actions, we contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on the areas where we can make an impact, utilizing our scale, supply chains or partnerships.

Sustainability in our companies