Sustainable Sourcing

Our Goal

To brew our premium beers, we use only high quality ingredients. As climate change places greater strain on growers, sustainability across the entire supply chain is increasingly important.

To ensure long-term supply of high quality ingredients, we strive to source 100% of our raw materials sustainable across Europe. We are working closely with growers and partners to encourage the development and practice of sustainable agriculture.


Our Commitment

We are leveraging existing best practices and local partnerships with farmers, co-operatives and academia to transition to sustainable sourcing in a manner that allows producers to stay viable. We have therefore developed Sustainable Procurement Principles that surpass our responsible sourcing policies to address key agriculture sector challenges in supplying sustainable raw materials.

We encourage and support our suppliers to embed sustainability in their operations, starting with nature and biodiversity protection, reduction of water use, and elimination of carbon footprints during work to promote smart farming.

Our Journey

We are proud that 100% of the barley we use in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Italy is sourced locally, most of it directly from farmers. To achieve this, we work with over 100 barley growers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and over 1500 farmers in Italy.


Czech Republic

In 2021, Plzensky Prazdroj joined forces with Microsoft, Agritecture Consulting, and the Hop Growers Union of the Czech Republic to achieve sustainable hop growing in the Saaz region.

Through this partnership, we are helping Czech hop growers use the most modern technologies to efficiently irrigate their crops. By collecting and evaluating data on crop needs, growers can better understand when the plants need moisture, therefore ensuring efficient cultivation, especially during periods of drought and water scarcity.



In 2018, in cooperation with the Saplo Malting Plant, CREA (National Research Centre for Agriculture) and the departments of agriculture of six universities in Italy, Birra Peroni partnered with Campus Peroni, a centre of excellence promoting and spreading a culture of quality and sustainability in the agricultural and cereal sector.


Through this partnership, we are creating a barley growing system to enhance quality and sustainability while fostering innovation. The system will enable brewers to continue producing 100% Italian malt beer in the future.

We have also recognised that consumers increasingly want the products they purchase to be produced from sustainable and ethical ingredients. Peroni consumers can now follow the journey of malt grain from the field to the bottle by scanning the QR code on the side of their bottle – helping to bring sustainability alive for the consumer.

Discover more about our sustainability journey

Sustainability is at the core of our work and we’re committed to accelerating progress towards our goals. We’re doing big things, as well as lots of smaller things. Discover more in our Legacy 2030 report.