Campus Peroni launched Nastro Azzuro Nostrano Corn – a first blockchain traceability project

The whole gastronomic scene in Italy is passionate about the local ingredients. Good chefs personally know the producers of their best cuts of meat. In the same way, we know the farmers producing the crops we use to brew our beers. We are making that knowledge available to Nastro Azzurro lovers as well.


Nostrano corn is an essential and distinctive ingredient for brewing a stylish and refreshing Nastro Azzurro beer. To promote its value, Birra Peroni prepared through its Centre of Excellence Campus Peroni the first blockchain traceability project.


It is called Nastro Azzurro Nostrano Corn – Certified Quality and consists of QR codes on the labels. The codes allow consumers to access specific information about the beer, including the distance from the brewery by using their geolocation. Beer lovers can scan the label and immediately see details about the ingredients of their Nastro Azzurro, as well as the path it took from the brewery to their glass.


With this project, we aim to push our sustainable goals even further. We want to promote the transparency of the whole supply chain and keep the logistics as local as possible. Finally, we also want to show our consumers that Birra Perroni perfectly knows its ingredients and always aims for using the best for the best beer.

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