Renewable Heat

Our Goal

We plan to be carbon neutral at our breweries by 2030 and are engaging suppliers and partners to reduce the carbon emissions of our products across the entire supply chain by 30% in the same period. Our ultimate goal is to be carbon neutral across the supply chain by 2040.

To achieve these goals, we are increasing the percentage of renewably sourced heat across all of our breweries.

Our Commitment

We are working with our breweries to shift to 100% renewable heat. We have already made great progress in the Netherlands and Czech Republic and are committed to designing and executing successful heating projects to bring us closer to our carbon neutrality goal.

Our Journey



Grolsch, our brewery in the Netherlands, has taken a major step in becoming carbon neutral by signing a heat supply contract with Twence, a regional supplier of sustainable energy. From 2022, Twence is supplying Grolsch with 100% green heat. By replacing natural gas boilers, this will reduce CO2 emissions by 72% (5500 tonnes) per year. This is equivalent to the amount of CO2 emitted by 1800 households on average per year.



Czech Republic

In 2021, Plzeňský Prazdroj signed a seven-year agreement with Plzeňská teplárenská for the supply of renewable heat. The brewery is committed in the long term to minimising the impact of its business on the environment. This partnership will support its journey towards carbon neutrality in 2030.


Discover more about our sustainability journey

Sustainability is at the core of our work and we’re committed to accelerating progress towards our goals. We’re doing big things, as well as lots of smaller things. Discover more in our Legacy 2030 report.