In the presence of the Mayor of the City of Pilsen, two important Pilsen companies have signed a seven-year cooperation agreement which will have positive impact on the environment. Representatives of Plzeňská teplárenská (Pilsen heating plant) and Plzeňský Prazdroj agreed on the supply of “green heat” till 31st December 2028.

The Managing Director of Plzeňská teplárenská, Václav Pašek, explains what the term “green heat” means: “It´s heat produced from renewable sources, in this case it is waste wood chips that have been burnt successfully by Plzeňská teplárenská for several years now. Gradually, we replaced almost 300,000 tonnes of lignite by burning this biomass.”

“We have been minimizing the impact of our business on the environment in the long term, and we are trying to apply this sustainable approach in all our processes and activities. That´s why we want to use renewable energy to the maximum extent possible. The cooperation with Plzeňská teplárenská represents an important step on our journey which will lead to our carbon neutrality in 2030,” says Pavel Šemík, Technical Director of Plzeňský Prazdroj.

The signing of the contact took place in the Pilsen Town Hall which supports the cooperation of local companies. “I´m happy that both parties, which belong to the most important companies in our city and in our region, have come to this agreement in the area of long-term stable prices for heat energy. Personally, I highly appreciate the energy will be produced with regard to the environment,” said Martin Baxa, Mayor of the City of Pilsen, during the  the signing of the contract.

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