Although Hungary might be known for its famous sausages and goulash, it would be a mistake to overlook the well-established local beer culture with its long and interesting history. That became, together with consumers’ insights, the main source of inspiration for Dreher Breweries while creating a new recipe for their popular lager. The results are stirring up the Hungarian market. Why?

New Dreher Gold, unlike its ancestor, Dreher Classic and other Hungarian beers, does not contain maize semolina. The reason why the brewery decided to take such a step is called tradition. This orders sticking to three ingredients only: Barley malt, hops and crystal-clear water. And the 165-year- old brand has a humble respect for tradition. At the same time, the brewery asked today´s consumers to help with the final flavour choice, because its primary aim was to create a taste that matches their preferences and to keep the easy drinking characteristics consumers liked in Dreher Classic. 

The new Dreher Gold is pleasantly bitter, has an even deeper gold colour than Dreher Classic, with snow-white foam on top. According to consumers, the aroma of Dreher Gold is fresher, more harmonious and the colour of the beer is more attractive. It comes to the market supported by a new logo and packaging of the premium beer which expresses the brand´s pride in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, with images of Elisabeth Bridge, a city icon. Dreher Gold is carefully prepared and is expected to reinforce its premium positioning on the market. 

Expanding Family

Gábor Békefi, CEO of Dreher Breweries, said on the occasion of the launch: “Dreher Breweries is Hungary's leading beer producer. We have created our long-term strategy based on the common values of the two companies. Along these lines, we are building a high-quality premium portfolio. Dreher's renewal, the introduction of Dreher Gold, is an important element of this plan, just as much as the popular international brands we’re marketing.” 

The arrival of the new member of the Hungarian beer family will be supported by TV and online campaigns and PR activities as well. We wish Dreher Gold a great entrée and stable popularity among local and visiting consumers as well. Cheers to that! Egeshegedre!

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