Like any other FMCGs, Asahi has significant investments in commercial assets, including approximately 80,000 coolers and refrigerators in Poland, managed by Kompania Piwowarska (KP). Tracking the ‘health’ of these assets spread across 60,000 sales points in the country, is difficult. Half are located in licenced premises including bars and restaurants (on-trade), and half in outlets like shops and supermarkets (off-trade). Each year, a significant number are reported broken or missing.

This prompted our Digital Innovation and Polish Sales Operations Teams, in collaboration with students from the CEMS Program, (Master in International Management in collaboration with the Prague University of Economics and Business), to find a quick, viable and scalable solution.

After extensive research, listening to our clients’ needs, the teams proposed a mobile application that can support predictive maintenance and allow tracing, via tracking sensors. This solution is now being validated by our Microsoft partner. Through this work we are not only nurturing young future talent, we’re also leveraging cutting edge technology to eliminate waste, remove time consuming manual tasks and reduce energy consumption.

Following trials, we have high hopes this intelligent tracking system will help support our trade partners, and offer consistent cool beer to our consumers, supporting our purpose of creating meaningful connections.

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