Providing more choice for consumers


only for people over the age of 18


Don’t drink and drive


pregnant women should not drink alcohol

Meaningful consumer information to enable responsible choices continues to be a priority. We are proud that 100% of our labels and brand communication bear responsibility messages to address underage drinking, drinking while driving or drinking during pregnancy, in addition to listing calories and ingredients. Through IARD, we committed to accelerating efforts in tackling underage drinking.

We have come a long way, but it is clear that alone we cannot change social and cultural norms that are tolerant of irresponsible drinking. We need accelerated efforts from all parties involved, which is why we will continue to activate stakeholders to tackle these issues and work with our partners locally.

We have set up a website dedicated to this purpose, Since 2016, we have provided ingredients and a nutritional declaration for all our brands either on labels or through this website