Our Goal

Packaging is essential in providing the highest quality beer to our consumers. We want to create a future in which all our products are sold in fully circular packaging and are proud of the journey we have taken in this direction so far.

Almost half of the beer we brew is already sold in reusable packaging – returnable bottles or on tap in pubs, restaurants and cafes. Our work does not end there, however.

By the year 2030, our ambition is that 100% of the packaging we use is reusable or recyclable.

Our Commitment

We are actively looking for new solutions to reduce the amount of packaging we use. This involves increasing the share of reusable packaging in our products, choosing the right materials, increasing the use of recycled materials, and supporting research to find innovative technological solutions.

Cooperation with all our partners, including packaging producers, retailers, waste collection companies and recyclers, is crucial to achieving improved collection and recycling efficiency. We are also committed to educating our consumers in achieving maximum recyclability in our product life cycles.

Our Journey



In 2020, Grolsch, our brewery in the Netherlands, replaced all of its plastic can carriers with cardboard packaging by launching its patented TopClip packaging. The packaging is 100% plastic free and, by replacing all can carriers in the Dutch market with this cardboard equivalent, Grolsch is saving more than 100,000kg of new plastic every year - which is equivalent to over 4 million new plastic bags.



Czech Republic

100% of the plastic shrink film we use in packaging in the Czech Republic is made from recycled materials. We have achieved the same in Slovakia, too.

In 2021, we eliminated aluminium foil packaging on all Pilsner Urquell bottles produced around the world and started using recyclable paper labels – this removes 45 tonnes of aluminium production annually, which is equivalent to the weight of about 25 cars or over 700 kegs of beer.

All non-eco-friendly materials on our bottles have been replaced with recyclable paper labels, which are better for the environment and eliminate the production of 55 tonnes of new plastic every year.


Discover more about our sustainability journey

Sustainability is at the core of our work and we’re committed to accelerating progress towards our goals. We’re doing big things, as well as lots of smaller things. Discover more in our Legacy 2030 report.