At Asahi Europe & International, we have ambitious plans to have 100% renewable electricity by 2025 and become carbon neutral within our breweries by 2030, as part of our Legacy 2030 commitments. Over the past year, we have continued creating meaningful connections with our partners, collaborating with our suppliers in the area of renewable electricity to help us achieve this goal.

Our commitment is that by 2025, all our breweries across Europe will be powered with 100% renewable electricity. We are working towards this commitment through Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPAs). Over the last 15 months, we signed VPPAs in six countries across Europe; the details of those agreements are summarized below.


In autumn 2022, Asahi Europe and International signed a VPPA with global supplier Matrix Renewables in a 10-year contract starting from 2025. The deal is Matrix Renewables’ first in Italy and it will support new-build solar parks in Italy. Commenting on the agreement, Paolo Lanzarotti, CEO Asahi Europe and International, said : “This latest agreement providing renewable energy for our breweries in Italy marks another important step forward and significant commitment towards our Legacy 2030 goal.”

United Kingdom
In spring 2023 we signed a PPA with European Energy to offtake solar power from the soon-to-be-built 19 MW Marksbury Plan Solar Farm in Bath, England and provide renewable electricity for our breweries in the UK.

Our Dutch Koninklijke Grolsch brewery in Enschede signed a multi-year VPPA with AMPYR Solar Europe in summer 2023, providing renewable electricity for our beer production in the Netherlands and supporting the development of a portfolio of new solar parks in the Netherlands.

Our Ursus brewery in Buzau signed a multi-year VPPA with renewable power supplier Enery to provide renewable electricity for our beer production in Romania. The contract will help finance a new solar park in Romania.

In late 2023 we also signed a VPPA for the electricity in our Plzeňský Prazdroj Slovensko brewery in Šariš, Slovakia.

Most recently we have signed a VPPA for the electricity for our Dreher Sorgyárak brewery in Budapest, Hungary

We are dedicated to continuing to work closely with our partners to deliver bold solutions that drive our transition to renewable electricity forwards and support our ongoing commitment to create a legacy we can all be proud of.

Discover more about our Legacy 2030 ambitions here



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