A collaboration between Italian brewery Birra Peroni (part of Asahi Europe & International) and solar technology company Absolicon Solar Collector AB will lead to a new installation providing solar thermal energy for brewery processes through a heat purchase agreement.

Located in Bari, Italy, the 660 m2 solar field perfectly suits thermal energy demand in our plant. The installation is a step towards energy independence and implementing solar heat in Birra Peroni’s production process, supporting the brewery’s commitment to carbon neutrality by 2030.

An initial, one-year evaluation period will focus on how the installation will reduce Birra Peroni’s dependence on fossil fuels – and serve as the base for a potentially larger future solar field, estimated at 12,000 m2.

Commenting on the innovation, Enrico Galasso, Managing Director of Birra Peroni, said "In line with our long-term sustainability goals, we are committed to zero emissions in our production by 2030. Sustainability performance in our Bari plant is already on the right track and thanks to Absolicon’s technology we will take another big step towards our destination.”

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