After Grolsch (part of Asahi Europe & International) received thirteen awards in the first round of the World Beer Awards (WBA) last month, it managed to secure no less than two world titles during the grand finale: Grolsch Krachtig Kanon and Grolsch Puur Weizen can now call themselves 'Best Beer in the World' within their category for one year.

The World Beer Awards is a prestigious, global competition that takes place annually. Last year, Grolsch also won two world titles, with Grolsch Frisse Lentebok and Grolsch Kristalheldere Zomerbok. This year, more than 3,200 beers from 50+ countries participated. The beers are tasted blind and judged by an expert jury. "It's a huge honor to have our craftsmanship recognized by a professional jury on this world stage," says Marc Janssen, Master Brewer at Grolsch. "To have won no less than two world titles now, two years in a row, doesn't happen very often. All the brewers at Grolsch can be proud of that."

Master brewer Janssen is extra proud of the world title for Grolsch Weizen: "For me personally, this award means a lot. Almost 20 years ago I brewed Grolsch Weizen for the first time with my father. In 2007, we were also voted the best Weizen in the world"

"But of course, Kanon is also a deserved winner," Janssen continued. This beer is a winner in the Pale Barley Wine category (beer with a high alcohol content and full flavor). Grolsch Krachtig Kanon was first introduced in 1997, when it was part of a series of 6 specialty beers brewed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the bracket. "Extraordinary that we have received global recognition for two beers we have been brewing for a long time."

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