How about decorating your fresh pint with a picture of a goat made of cinnamon, cappuccino style? Crazy idea? Yeah, but a good one too – at least for the growing number of enthusiasts who have fallen for it. Try it for yourself and see …

You need a mug full of fresh Kozel on tap, cinnamon and a stencil – to keep things in style, opt for the one with Olda the Goat, mascot of the Kozel brand (“kozel” is “goat” in English). That’s all it takes, all you have to do now is to draw the pint with a thick foam on top. For the start, turn the tap to 15 degrees and pour about 35 mm of foam on the bottom; then tilt the tap to 45 degrees and fill the mug. That’s how the typical Czech “hladinka”, or thick foam, is made; it’s been the trademark of a good innkeeper from time immemorial.

Done? The rest of the work is very straightforward: take the stencil, place it just above the surface, and spray it with cinnamon, so that the picture of Olda the Goat, or any other shape of your choice, appears on the foam. Just like the baristas do with your morning cappuccino. Crazy? Maybe, but also traditional due to certain sources, yet with a modern twist. The cinnamon adds a spicy touch to your lager, bringing out the delicious flavours. And last but not least, it certainly creates a fun new talking point for whoever sees it.

Korean Phenomenon

Thus, a new trend in pub culture has appeared, called “Fun Pours”. It started in the Czech Republic, home of the Kozel brand, and gripped many enthusiasts and occasional beer drinkers alike. Fun Pours are all about bringing people together and introducing something that’s fun and original; it just couldn’t go wrong. And it didn’t stop within the country limits.

Kozel is currently a big hit in East Asia, especially in South Korea. And Fun Pours have been a massive success over there – young Koreans love to present their original designs, then  take photos of their creations and post them on social networks. What seems like a slightly sappy idea in Europe may thus make an important difference in the preferences of our Asian customers.

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