Aligned with our commitment to sustainability, our colleagues at Royal Grolsch in the Netherlands are always looking for ways to make our iconic green bottled beer even greener, even in the area of transport.

With the ambition of a completely CO2 neutral value chain, we are proud of a new sustainability initiative at one of our transport partners Heisterkamp Transportation Solutions: Solar On Top.

When Heisterkamp came up with the idea to test trucks and trailers with solar panels on the roof, we did not have to think twice about it. Currently there are two trucks driving for Grolsch that are fitted with solar panels on the roof. The solar panels ensure that the batteries of the trucks are continuously recharged. This results in less diesel consumption and less CO2 emissions. Another advantage is that the batteries last longer and the risk of downtime is reduced. The two systems have been operational for several months and the first results are promising. The final evaluation will show whether more trucks with solar panels can be put on the road.

A sustainable innovation that fits in perfectly with the measures that both Heisterkamp and Koninklijke Grolsch want to take to reduce the CO2 emissions of our fleet of vehicles.

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