When it comes to lagers, nothing compares to Pilsner Urquell and its perfectly balanced taste. Generations of people have enjoyed the refreshing bitter-sweet taste of the liquid gold hidden under a layer of thick foam in a dewy glass. But for the perfect experience you need something more. A well-skilled tapster.

To pour the perfect beer you need to know what you’re doing. Part of the uniqueness of Pilsner Urquell is the fact we have stuck to the traditional method of brewing it. Since 1842. And of course, the art of pouring the golden lager is included in this tradition. Because the great art of pouring makes a great difference between ordinary drinking and a unique experience. There are three ways to pour Pilsner Urquell, each one with a different amount of foam. To penetrate the alchemy of correct tapping, nominated tapsters join our Tapmaster in Pilsen in a 5-day-long intensive training course and learn to adopt our philosophy of insisting on the traditional methods of tapping.


A Beer to Taste or Say Goodbye

Šnyt is a smaller amount of beer with a larger portion of creamy foam. It is the thick layer of foam which gives the beer a milder zest and, thanks to that, it stays fresh longer. That´s why Šnyt is the best choice as a sample for the tapster, or ideal for those who don´t have enough time or the desire for a large beer.  

HladinkaThe Golden Classic

Hladinka is the most common way of pouring a lager. The trick is in pouring it at once, so that the wet foam is pushed up to the top of the glass. Pure perfection, we dare to say. 


For Smooth Taste Lovers

Mlíko (milk) is what we label half a litre of thick creamy foam. This pouring method is popular especially among women, because it is much sweeter than Hladinka or Šnyt. 

No Bubbles, but Rings

No matter which pouring method you prefer, the beer glass you get must be as wet and cold as the beer itself. The foam must always be wet, thick and creamy, so it protects the taste from oxygen and creates the perfect balance of the beer. It is also important that no bubbles get stuck on the sides of the glass, which would show that the glass is not perfectly clean. And as you drink, each of your sips should be marked on the glass by a ring of foam.

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