As a company we believe that creating and maintaining meaningful connections between people regardless of nationality, ethnicity or background is essential to the well-being of humanity.

Across Asahi and together with our employees we are providing financial support in the order of one million euro towards humanitarian activities to support the Ukrainian people. This includes support for refugees arriving in Poland, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia and Romania where we operate. We will also be providing humanitarian support directly into Ukraine and for journalists working there and in danger. We continue to support our colleagues from Ukraine financially and by other practical means so they can best help their loved ones in need.

Asahi does not operate in Russia or Belarus and at the beginning of March we stopped exporting our products there.

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We want all beer to be made using sustainable electricity. So it is a pleasure for us to announce the energy deal with innogy which means that Kompania Piwowarska’s is switching to wind power.

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When it comes to lagers, nothing compares to Pilsner Urquell and its perfectly balanced taste. Generations of people have enjoyed the refreshing bitter-sweet taste of the liquid gold hidden under a layer of thick foam in a dewy glass. But for the perfect experience you need something more. A well-skilled tapster.

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