Our popular Żubr brand from Kompania Piwowarska (part of Asahi Europe & International) recently embarked on two innovative conservation initiatives together with the Nature Heritage Foundation in Poland.

Through the Żubr fund, the brewery has sponsored 15 hectares of eternal forests – areas free from human activity to shelter protected species – as well as helping create 50 micro-reserves in Eastern Poland. Both initiatives will take place outside national parks to expand conservation of green areas which are currently unprotected.

Commenting on these initiatives, Igor Tikhonov, MD of Kompania Piwowarska said: “By creating these wildlife sanctuaries, Żubr continues to help protect biodiversity and slow down the greenhouse effect. The Żubr Fund has already supported several conservation initiatives in Poland over the years, donating four million Polish zlotys between 2019-2022. With our partners together we create meaningful connections to protect endangered Polish wildlife”.

Radosław Michalski from the Polish Nature Heritage Foundation noted: “In view of the climate crisis and species extinction problem we must act now – it is important not only to provide zonal protection but also to give land back to nature. The latter we can ensure by buying land, which we then return to nature. Instead of planting trees we allow the natural processes to arrange the forest. In the times of global warming, we must do all possible to minimise the negative results of climate change.”Radosław Michalski, Nature Heritage Foundation



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