Canned beer is getting more and more popular not only in the Czech Republic. The good news for the planet is that cans can be easily recycled. To support sustainability locally, we are investing in building a big can factory which will produce them directly in the region.

Czechs got used to their drink of choice in cans, usually coming in 500 ml. Canned beer is constantly on the rise in the country, making one third of Plzeňský Prazdroj’s offer. The only issue with cans was importing them, but that applied to other beer-makers in the Czech Republic as well. Therefore, we decided change that.

The solution is called Canpack, a can producing plant based in Stříbro, a small town close to Pilsen. Not only it will help us reduce carbon emissions from the logistics, but also it will create 160 new jobs in the region. The vast majority of cans for the whole country will be sourced from Canpack which will start to operate as of mid-2020.

We recycle when we can

Our short-term goal is recyclable packaging in all our European breweries. At the moment, about 50% of our packaging is recyclable. To do so locally, Prazdroj works closely with packaging company Eko-kom. It supplies cities and municipalities with bins for recycled waste and according to its data, the number of bins for metal waste has increased about 9 times in the last six years in the Czech Republic. We are glad that one of the major brands in our portfolio was able to contribute to that.

The goal is clear, to recycle as many cans as we can!

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