Grolsch steps up its sustainability drive with fully green heating

Our Dutch brewery in Enschede is one of the best in the beer industry in terms of sustainability. Since the beginning of the year, it has run only on electricity generated by wind turbines. Now the company has added a heating supply that will further lower its CO2 emissions and gas consumption.


The greener the better - and the next step for a Grolsch is possible thanks to signing a heating supply contract with the regional supplier Twence. The new underground pipeline is to be constructed by mid-2022, and it will switch the present gas-fired boiler to sustainably generated heating.


Hot water from Twence can be used for industrial process heat and heating buildings. The heat will be produced by burning biomass, non-reusable waste wood, which comes from construction and renovation activities.


The new contract supports the local economy and brings a significant reduction of CO2 emissions. Specifically, it cuts emissions by 72% at Grolsch - about 5,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide which is equal to the average emissions of 1800 households per year.


Grolsch set itself the challenging goal of being fully CO2 neutral by 2025. The new heating projects is a large step forward towards meeting it.


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