The Książęce speciality collection has been expanded with Książęce Weizen. It is the sixth permanent variant in the family of beer specialities – extremely refreshing, served in a tall glass, tapered at mid-height with a characteristic head of foam. Perfect for connoisseurs who highly value both taste and the visual aspects of beer.

After two premieres at the beginning of 2018, the second half of the year brought numerous victories for Książęce at beer competitions, and now the brand returns with another novelty. This time around, the brewers of Polish Tyskie Browary Książęce searched for inspiration in ancient history. They went five centuries back to take a look at Bavaria, the cradle of wheat beers.

The category of wheat beers is the biggest speciality segment in Poland. Książęce Weizen is brewed with the use of wheat malt and Pilsen malt, with the addition of bitter and aroma hops. It has a  rich and distinctive flavour, with a banana and clove aroma.

Novelty among specialities

Weizen is a very distinctive beer in many respects. It stands out with its cloudiness, typical for non-filtered wheat beers that are poured into bottles together with the residue of yeast. This provides the taste and opacity, deepens the bouquet and enriches the consistency.

What’s equally important is the selection of glassware. A wheat beer glass should have a distinctive curve as it goes up, with even more curvature at the top to allow beer-lovers to appreciate the taste, smell, colour and foam. The latter is another distinctive feature of Weizen. In this type of beer, the head is very full and long-lasting, creating a characteristic head. Thanks to that, the beer not only looks spectacular, but also stays saturated and keeps its aroma for a longer time.

Książęce Weizen is best served at a temperature of 5–6 °C. It tastes great when accompanied by fish, seafood, smoked cheese and rich dishes from Polish cuisine.

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