In February 2020, winstalled a new can filling line in Nošovice brewery in the Czech Republic to delight our consumers with our most bitter beer, Radegast. It is one of the most modern filling lines in Europe and within the three first months of operation has already packed 1000 hectolitres of beer. Radegast is transforming into one of the most technologically developed breweries in our portfolio. 

A new can filling line may not be the most sensational news. However, we are excited about what it can do: 

  • Puts more of the bitter and excellent Radegast lagers, draft beer, non-alcoholic Birell and other lemonades on the European market 
  • Packages more than 600,000 hectolitres annually  
  • Fills 60,000 cans per hour 
  • Works along with 16 robotised trucks in the warehouse which can autonomously collect goods and hand them over on request. 
  • It was a part of the modernisation of the brewery, in which we invested 600 million crowns (23 million euro) 
  • It created 40 new jobs in the brewery. 

We hope that the facts above got you more excited. What better way to celebrate than opening a can of Radegast? 

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