Asahi Europe & International launches Viper Hard Seltzer onto the alcoholic beverage market. The new hard seltzer category, which was born only a few years ago, sets a completely new trend in the field of flavored alcoholic beverages.

Hard seltzer is the name for a new drink category, which was created on the US market in 2016 and contains of alcoholic sparkling water with a hint of fruit flavor. Viper is a carefully crafted and brewed Hard Seltzer, with uniquely refreshing taste and a bite of alcohol. It is made without artificial coloring or preservatives, has 96 kcal and 4% of alcohol Also Viper is gluten free, as no source of gluten in the ingredients is used.

“As a matter of fact, the range of basic types of alcoholic beverages is very conservative. All-important categories to this day were invented hundreds to thousands of years ago. Ever since there have been rather non-exceptional innovations appealing to consumers on a truly large scale. The last successful achievement may be considered a radler, invented at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Then nothing came for an exceptionally long time, until now we have hard seltzers here," says Martina Schmidt of Asahi Europe & International.

Viper Hard Seltzer is produced in Plzen, in the well know Pilsen brewery. The water comes from a spring hidden 100 meters under of Pilsen Basin. Our production process of Viper is natural and similar to the beer brewing process. Water forms the main ingredient. The water is brewed in the brewing kettle. Towards the end of brewing process, while cooling, the glucose-fructose base for alcohol is added to start the natural fermentation process. Desired levels of alcohol and CO2 are reached after approximately 6 days of fermentation with a help of brewer’s yeast. The liquid is then further purified to produce the ultimate refreshing taste with crystal-clear liquid. To further enhance its refreshing taste the product is enriched with natural lime flavor.

“Hungary and The Netherlands are the first two countries in Europe, where Viper Hard Seltzer is launched. Viper is dedicated generally to people who like to enjoy time with friends, like to consume alcoholic drinks, but take care of themselves,” Martina Schmidt adds.

Viper Hard Seltzer, available in 0.33 l volume glass bottles and aluminum cans, is being launched in two flavors; Lime and Cranberry.

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