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Smarter distribution reduces CO2 footprint

Smarter distribution reduces CO2 footprint

More than ever before society is aware of the climate change threats and the need to focus on sustainable living solutions, including cutting the carbon footprint of the products we consume. However, designing and implementing these solutions requires forethinking, planning and identifying optimum pathways.

It is the kind of work and projects that people in the Supply Chain department at Asahi International always focus. With a global footprint, shipping beers of strong heritage and provenance around the world, Asahi International is continually looking to improve its supply ways, optimising the routes and the impact on the environment.

The latest Supply Chain project, looking to replace some of the road freight in Europe with a combination of road and rail, will cut the CO2 emissions by 60% on a transport corridor between Italy and The Netherlands. Over 300 suppliers participated in the tender exercise, with 120 suppliers submitting their quotations across 320 different supply lanes of Asahi International. Only one of these suppliers could offer a rail and road solution, as the availability of existing rail networks within our Supply Chain corridor drives the possibility of implementing such solutions.

The project shows the amount of forethought and detail planning needed for environmental-friendly business solutions. The outcome is, nevertheless, worthy as we all aim to protect nature and leave a healthy planet as a legacy for the generations to come.

Smarter distribution reduces CO2 footprint
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