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Running waste-free for a cleaner environment

Running waste-free for a cleaner environment

Efficient environmental stewardship is an integral part of the way we run our business at Asahi International. Minimising waste in our operations is a key aspect of good management, as we consume fewer resources and we reduce the impact on the environment.

Our breweries run almost waste-free; 99.8% of the waste is reused in the Netherlands and more than 97% in Italy.

How do we do it? For instance, we provide the spent grains from brewing to farmers to be used as valuable animal feed. The pharmaceutical industry uses the yeast coming out of our brewing processes. Our labels are recycled and make the paper packaging of frozen products.

Also, our wastewater purification processes produce a great deal of biogas. We produce enough biogas to meet 18% of our total energy needs at Grolsch, in the Netherlands.

Great beer and no waste? We are all for it!

Running waste-free for a cleaner environment
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