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Royal Grolsch pledge

Royal Grolsch pledge

Royal Grolsch has a very focused and active sustainability agenda. In spring 2018 we launched a new crate for our lager brand Kornuit, made of 100% consumer plastic waste. It is the world’s first crate completely made from consumer waste. And the plastic foil for our can multipacks are already made of 100% industrial waste.

Now Grolsch has joined forces with other frontrunners in the event industry to decrease plastic waste directly at the consumer. Grolsch promised to replace soft cups for reusable hard cups in a circular system at all Grolsch and Kornuit events, where possible by end of 2020. This could potentially save up to about 40 million plastic (soft) cups every year!

This so called ‘Plastic Promise’ is a collaboration with other major players in the event industry, such as ADE, DGTL festival, Coca-Cola and Heineken.

All 10 frontrunners presented their ‘Plastic Promise’ at the Amsterdam Dance Event in the presence of Dutch State Secretary van Veldhoven and famous DJ Sam Feldt. Together they are committed to stimulate responsible plastic use in the event industry.

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Royal Grolsch pledge
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