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Identifying innovative ways to recycle and reuse packaging

Identifying innovative ways to recycle and reuse packaging

We are keen to evolve our consumer packaging recycling solutions to further minimise our environmental impact. We reuse most of our packagings, like kegs and refillable bottles, and the rest of our beer bottles and cans are fully recyclable. However, as we look to export more outside of Europe from our breweries in Italy, the Netherlands and the UK, we want to make sure that we keep our environmental footprint at a minimum.

We are constantly looking for ways to learn and reapply, as well as innovate in the areas of recycling and reusing of packaging. Therefore, we partnered with Cambridge Venture Project from the Cambridge University Judge Business School and tasked a group of young professionals to come up with cutting-edge ideas on packaging recycling and reuse.

The team met with Asahi Europe people in the UK and the Netherlands to understand the project challenges and then carried on research on industry trends, existing and emerging solutions on minimising packaging waste. Then they put forward a series of proposals related to recycling, reuse and creating public awareness of the issue. The solutions ranged from co-located recycling in the pubs and restaurants to creating eco-bricks and awarding green certification to outlet owners compliant with the Asahi environmental standard.

The ideas will be considered in the future business strategy, as we continue to aim that our value chains and operations source and utilise resources in a way that minimises environmental impact.

Identifying innovative ways to recycle and reuse packaging
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