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Growing better barley

Growing better barley

Beer is a natural product, and quality beer requires quality ingredients. We are dependent on the blessings of nature. Helping to maintain and improve the global environment directly contributes to our business growth.

Based on this philosophy and aiming to Create Social Value initiatives, Asahi Group Holdings has created a new fertiliser (plant growth regulator) from beer yeast cell wall (a by-product of beer brewing) and tested it in Japan since 2004.

Research has shown that the newly developed fertiliser (CW1: cell wall) can increase agricultural product yield, improve quality, and reduce the frequency of use of pesticide sprayer.  Additionally, the new fertiliser is effective in reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by approximately 29%.

Since last year, Birra Peroni, through the Bari brewery and in collaboration with the University of Perugia, is conducting a pilot test to confirm the effect of this material developed by Asahi Group Holding (CW1) on Italian barley.

The final goal is to produce in Europe a natural fertiliser, made of beer yeast cells which can help grow better barley for a better beer while keeping the nature in better shape.

Growing better barley
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