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Brewing great moments with character

Brewing great moments with character

World-class beers require high-quality natural resources. Long-term thriving of our business relies on the availability of these resources, and the support of the communities where we operate. We are proud to see the outstanding results of the Grolsch brewery in the Netherlands.

In 2017 Grolsch produced beer using one third less water than they used to use in 2005! It was also an almost 10% reduction versus the water consumption in 2016, reaching a new all-time low in 2017 at 3.21 hectolitre of water for one hectolitre of beer. For perspective, the water saved last year covers the yearly consumption of more than 500 households in the Netherlands.

To achieve such water efficiency, people at Grolsch reviewed all the processes that involve water consumption, looking for water savings at every step. The packaging lines, the bottle rinse machines, and filter rinse utilities all use less water now as a result of the improved processes. Every drop makes a difference.

Energy use of the brewery is another area of focus when it comes to wise and efficient environmental stewardship. In 2017 Grolsch reduced the energy consumption to produce one hectolitre of beer with more than 5% compared to 2016 and with more than 30% compared to 2005! Grolsch saved enough energy to provide one day of electricity to the whole community of Enschede where the brewery is based.

Again, all processes involving energy consumption were scrutinised to look for reduction opportunities. The analysis led to improved efficiency of the packaging and bottling lines, as well as optimised boiling, cooking, and cooling systems.

A world-class beer, produced using less water and energy? Let’s plop a Grolsch to it!

Brewing great moments with character
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