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All in! Together for a better internet

All in! Together for a better internet

Internet and technology are powerful and useful tools for us to engage with our consumers, talk about our beers, share opinions from customers or influencers on our brands. As with anything else, with great benefits also comes great responsibility. We believe that, as beer marketers, we need to use technology responsibly, respectfully, and creatively to engage with our consumers.

As part of the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD), Asahi together with other alcohol producers and social media companies as Facebook (incl. Instagram), Snapchat, and YouTube are determined to continue to establish new standards of marketing responsibility. Beyond this global cooperation, we have our responsible marketing policy, which governs our actions on the internet sphere. Here are some key areas where we focus our attention when it comes to marketing in the cyberspace.

Age Screening

Our ambition is to prevent minors from seeing or interacting with alcohol marketing online. To achieve this, we are working together with social media companies to limit further the potential for underage users to see advertising by us. We are implementing age screening on online channels, complemented by specific and platform-appropriate technology to help ensure marketing reaches those over the legal purchase age. We are also working on emerging areas, such as influencer advertising, to follow our leading responsible marketing standards.

We make sure that the content of our advertising (online and offline) does not include attractive elements for underage people. For instance, we do not employ cartoons, characters, animals, icons, music or other features that are intended to have primary appeal to persons under the legal drinking age.

Giving users the choice

Beyond preventing minors from seeing alcohol promotion online, we want to give people overall greater control over whether they interact with our marketing online. We respect individuals' choice and the decision of whether or not to drink alcoholic beverages. Appreciating adults' personal preferences and cultural differences are essential considerations that require a high level of sensitivity and action. We strive to get the right balance in our communications, especially in the highly interconnected world of the internet.

Our partnership with other alcohol producers and social media companies has already made great strides in responsible marketing. However, our work is far from finished. We invite and encourage other digital platforms and producers to join us in raising industry standards using our collective reach and expertise to improve the digital ecosystem that we all want to enjoy.

All in! Together for a better internet
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