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Our role in society

Beyond our passion for beer and cider, making and building great brands, we are committed to doing business in the right way. We have been brewing, marketing and distributing our brands for many years – some of our beers have been around for centuries. We want to continue bringing our brands to consumers for generations to come, so it's crucial we do so in a way that is responsible and considerate to the world around us.

Environmental stewardship

We rely on natural resources to create our world-class beers: water, agricultural crops and a variety of energy sources. To thrive in the long term, both our business and our communities rely on the availability and quality of these resources.

This is why the sustainability of our business, on people, on the planet and on society is so important to us. We strive to preserve natural resources by continuously improving energy and water efficiency by reducing the amount of waste and the carbon footprint of our operations. And we want to make a positive contribution to places where we operate, investing in our local communities and across our supply chain.

Responsible drinking

As brewers, we know that beer plays a role in people’s social lives, celebrations and special events, and has done for centuries. We also know this requires careful stewardship to ensure it remains a positive complement for individuals and society. As a result, it’s important that we hold ourselves to the highest standards of conduct in our own business and work with partners to help address the harmful effects that alcohol abuse can have, when not marketed or consumed responsibly.

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