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Our business

Asahi International Limited is a subsidiary of Asahi Group Holdings Ltd., a global beverage and food company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Japan.

The UK-headquartered business is the custodian for leading super premium beer, ale, craft lager and cider brands including Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Asahi Super Dry, Grolsch, Pilsner Urquell, Kozel, Meantime, Fuller’s London Pride and Cornish Orchards.

Asahi International leads commercial operations across 5 continents from key operations in the United Kingdom, France, USA, Canada, China, Taiwan, South-Korea to Latin America and Asia.

With sales revenues over one billion Euros, four world-class production facilities, customers in more than 80 markets and 1200 employees, we deliver value into the category and aim to change the way people think about beer.

Thanks to our aspirational brands, engaging marketing activities, agile distribution and premium execution we are well positioned to continue our growth and become a global premium beer powerhouse.

Our culture

Our culture makes Asahi truly different to other companies. It's not just what we achieve but why and how we do it.

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Our history

Brewing heritage


Asahi's history dates back to 1889 under the name Osaka Breweries


Asahi Breweries became a separate company in 1949


In the 2000s, Asahi is the largest brewer in Japan with a head office in Tokyo


Asahi Europe is launched


Acquisition of Fuller's Beer Company, Fuller, Smith and Turner PLC's beverage and distribution business


Asahi International is established


Our parent company, Asahi Group Holdings, is a global beer, spirits, soft drinks and food company.


Our sister company, Asahi Breweries Europe Group, builds on hundreds of years of craftsmanship and brewing traditions with 15 breweries around Europe. As passionate brewers, they are the custodian of a range of national beer icons and admired global premium beers.

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