Our principles

We comply

with all local, national and international laws and regulations relating to the development, marketing and sale of alcoholic beverages.

We follow

strict company, as well as industry-wide ethical codes, when promoting and selling our products, going far beyond the legislative obligations placed upon us.

We engage

our employees, who act as role models and as such are required to abide by the internal rules on consumption of alcoholic beverages both during and outside their working hours.

We offer

a wide range of either non-alcoholic variants of our alcoholic brands, or unique non-alcoholic beer-inspired brands, so that people have more choice while still enjoying the great taste of beer.

We contribute

effectively to third party efforts in advancing research on health, social and economic aspects of alcohol consumption, as well as solutions to irresponsible drinking of alcohol.

We run

a range of prevention campaigns that support responsible drinking, in particular the most pressing issues such as underage drinking, binge drinking, driving under the influence of alcohol and drinking during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Our commitment

Producers commitments

We are currently working intensely towards fulfilling the Beer, Wine and Spirits Producers’ Commitment to Reduce Harmful Drinking of the Asahi Group Holdings, of which we are part. Through this commitment, we strengthen and expand our existing efforts to reduce the harmful use of alcohol with particular focus on underage drinking, marketing practices, consumer information, drinking and driving and cooperation with retailers.

The Brewers of Europe
We are also part of the ongoing commitments made by the Brewers of Europe in the European Alcohol and Health Forum:
  • Informing consumers about beer ingredients and nutritional values
  • The European Beer Pledge to encourage responsible drinking behaviours
  • Self-regulating beer advertising across social media

In addition, the voluntary commitments of our former owner SABMiller have been largely implemented by the businesses which are now part of ABE Group. They will continue to guide our action on consumer information and responsible marketing.

How we communicate

We restrict minors’ access to our product advertisements.

We monitor the airing times for our commercials.

We do not depict or promote excessive drinking occasions.

We filter content for underage users of social media.

We require a confirmation of age upon entrance to our website (age-gate).

We only use actors or models of minimum age of 25 in our advertisements.

We observe the “75:25 rule” which says that at least 75 % of the audience of our advertisement must be adults.

We do not suggest alcohol has any link to increased performance or social/economic success.

Our products are for
adults only
Don't drink
and drive
Alcohol and pregnancy
do not mix

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